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Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the Spectrum #97: Daylight Savings Time

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So... Einstein was right: time is relative... just not always in the way he suggested!

Are anyone else's kids' schedule thrown off really badly when the clocks change?

It's seems especially bad in Michigan too because in the fall we down get much sun anyway, so by 6:00 it's pitch black out.  But becuase we're a flat state, on the westen edge of our time zone (or so I surmise,) in the summertime it's lik broad daylight out until about 9:30 at night.  It's crazy!

And yeah... they really don't care what time it is, do they? LOL

(And I have no idea where they get their 'morning-person' genes from!)


Stephanie said...

The simplest thing for me to say is that my boys don't do daylight savings. Pretty much at all. Their bedtimes shift by an hour, instead of actually changing. Their wake-up times shift by an hour, instead of actually changing.

I'm the one who has to adjust.

Scott Lynn said...

LOL, yeah, I know where you're comin' from!

W. Huber said...

it throws my sleep schedule off for weeks, and I'm 29!

Scott Lynn said...

@W.Huber: I'm dragging @$$ for at least a couple of days after "springing forward" myself. I LOVE "falling back" though! LOL