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Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the Spectrum #100!: Sharing

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Oh, my god! I've made it to 100! I never thought I'd make it this far! (Yay!)

OK, back to the strip...

Believe it or not, Jacob really is every bit as cute as I draw him here; much more so actually.  That being said, he can still be a real brat sometimes! LOL.

The above story actually came from his teacher, during a Paerent-Teacher conference, late last year.  She told me what happened, and I immediately thought, "I've got to use that!


kathleen said...

Hee! I've seen the same thing oh so many times over with my own. That is why your comic is so good-because spectrum or not..most parents have lived these things. Everyone can laugh. congrats on the first 100 and very much looking forward to the second!

Lanie Painie said...

Congrats on the milestone! We should have fireworks or something! Oh - an m&m's . . .definitely m&m's!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on 100! I think this is something we can all relate too. Even my NT kids can do this :)

SuperLittleMen said...

I can relate to this! Love the comic strips, makes a nice change to text

Papa Bear said...

As soon as Brother Bear was big enough to snatch a toy from Goldilocks, he did, every chance he got. And every time, GL would shout, "Mom! Make him stop! He's sharing!"

Stephanie said...


I'm glad you made it to 100! And it's yet another post I can relate to.

If you think about it, though, this particular interpretation of "sharing" makes some sense--considering how we so often teach our children to share by taking toys away and giving them to someone else.

kathleen said...

Hey-come over to herd..tagged you for an award..heehee...this one is fun. :)

Scott Lynn said...

@Kathleen - Thanks, be right over!

@Lanie Panie - Thanks, and yes, M&M's. Absolutely!

@Jennifer - Thanks!

@SuperLittleMen - Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

@Papa Bear - OMG, that's hilarious! Can I use that sometime?

@Stephanie - Yeah, that's true. Maybe we all need to come up with a better way to teach that concept, huh? :)Thanks.

Thanks to everyone for your apprecaition, your comments, and most of all your patience with the infrequent updates lately!


Papa Bear said...

@Scott: Absolutely! And I agree with Stephanie.