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Monday, February 8, 2010

On the Spectrum #68: God Bless the Pronouns

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Before anyone says anything, YES, I do cover my nose & mouth! I'll let you in on a little secret: I was running behind (again) and feeling lazy to boot and found some artwork from about a year ago that was about 90% exactly what I wanted. So I recycled. (Hey, YOU recycle too, don't you? LOL) Just had to update to Michael's new clothing style (which I didn't do when I did the same thign last week! Whoops!) and the background to match the new room layout and Viola! New strip! Only problem was, in THAT strip the joke was a little different, so I wasn't covering up.  And since I want to try to get back to weekly updates, I took a little shortcut with this one.  (Cheap, cheap. I know. LOL)

Anyway... With regards to pronoun reversal, I'm sure you've all heard stuff along these lines. Michael didn't do this TO often, except when he got scared or nervous. (These days, you can tell he's getting upset when he refers to himself in the third person, "Michael," instead of "I.") But this was his pat response to a loud sneeze, every bit as reliable as someone else saying, "Bless you." I thought it was cute. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Cute. :) One of my boys always says "Bless me" when he sneezes. Funny since we're a excuse me or gesundheit family.

lebelinoz said...

I'm a huge believer in recycling work. If it was good the first time...

Scott Lynn said...

There is this one image, of Michael sitting at the table, that I've probably re-used about a dozen times. LOL.

Raven Morris said...

"I scared you" could possibly be leaving words out, actually meaning "I [was] scared [by] you".