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Sunday, April 25, 2010

On the Spectrum #76 - Steppin' Out...

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It might be worth mentioning that he practically LIVES in his underpants.

BTW, got a new computer, which means a enw version of Windows (7) and a new version of PAINT.  And while there're some thing sI like about it, you can only set the line width on the auto-shapes to 1 pixel and, like, 4 pixels thick.  And I'm think those thick-lined speech balloons are just intolerable!  So, yeah... maybe time to invest is some better drawings software. LOL.


Jen said...

Lol! My eldest hates clothes but my younger son won't take them off! This is a great cartoon:) Jen.

Scott Lynn said...

OMG, our youngest is the same way! Jacob HATES not being fully clothed! Michael, OTOH - the minute he gets home: CLOTHES OFF. (He'd go naked if if we'd let him.) LOL

kathleen said...

hahahahahaha! one of mine won't wear pants either..when we all get ready to get into the car..she'll come running wearing only one sock and sunglasses..:) As always wonderful comic.

Papa Bear said...

I'm glad GL only insists on going barefoot, which is usually only a problem during Wisconsin winters. That, and walking around with his hands IN his pants.

I got fed up with Microsoft. Not with any one problem, which could usually be fixed with additional time and money, but with their attitude toward their customers: if it's not broken, "upgrade" it until it is, no matter how great your system, we'll change something that will require you to buy a new one or a string of upgrades that will be equally expensive, and every time something quit working, I'd have to re-install it, which always seemed to take hours, and every Microsoft program assumed I was a thief when I installed or re-installed it.

I bought a Macintosh desktop about 5 years ago. My only regret, besides not switching sooner, was all the PC-only software I'd accumulated over the years. So when I replaced my laptop, I chose an Intel-based MacBook. I can run Mac OS and Windows on it at the same time. I've been surprised how rarely I need Windows.

Scott Lynn said...

@Kathleen: LOL. Sounds cute! And thanks, glad you liked it!

@Papa Bear: Yeah... we get a lot of the "hand-in-the-pants" to. :) And you have no idea how close I was to gatting a Mac this time around myself. But... I gave the Windows world one more chance. I hear you though. "Free software" SOUNDS like a great deal, until you try to actually USE it! (Or get support for it!) I'm relatively happy with [Windows 7] right now, but... We'll see how I feel about it in a few years. :)

Thanks again for everyone's comments!

Raven Morris said...

If you're looking for something with better features and is easy to use, I would recommend Paint.NET, it requires you first install the .NET framework, if you haven't.

If you like open source, The Gimp is very powerful, but takes some getting accustomed to (it's what I use).