"All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost."

"It is with the utmost affection for my own children and autistic children everywhere that I share these stories."

Friday, April 16, 2010


I would like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to Kathleen over on Kicking Kittens and Autisherd for her really positive feedback and endorsment of "On the Spectrum" and the addition of my blog to hers.

For anyone who hasn't checked it out yet, Kicking Kittens is really neat.  It's a collection of stories that people have submitted with the same kind of positive, optimistic and joyful message that I try to convey with this comic.  I think she sums it up best in her intro: "One of the misconceptions that I have run into is that because I have children with disabilities-I am not allowed to have joy-nor are my children allowed to be joyful. Some of the comments I have received after relaying a funny story or anecdote...well you would think I had been kicking kittens." 

There's certainly no shortage of grief and stress and frustration that we can all share, and it's definitley important to do so.  But I've always felt that it's just as important to sieze upon those positive moments, those rare times when everything just works and that make us smile.  We must remember to take the time to enjoy and celebrate those moments, and hang onto them.  And there are some really great stories there, so check them out, and submit one or two of your own!


Jen said...

I follow Autismherd and really enjoy it, hadn't heard about Kicking Kittens so will go check that out, it sounds great. Thanks for the tip:) Jen.

kathleen said...

Thanks Scott..:)

Brandy said...

I have a story. (well, two) Not really something a person could draw, but you might find them interesting.

First, let me explain about me and hamsters. I am slightly obsessed with them. I love to talk about them; but usually don't because some people dislike them and I get carried away. I am very attached to them too.

Well, my friend's daughter LOVES to learn animal facts. So this works out well when I go over. (usually) I was sharing how hamsters eat various things, and mentioned they eat their poop so they can digest everything and explained it more. Guess what fact my friend's daughter wanted to share with everybody? Oops! (we find the fact great, her classmates/teacher/family not so much so)

And another time, my sister's friend and sister came over to the house I live at. They like to trick me, so they told me the hamster had died and nobody was going to tell me. So, the next day when I went to my parents house (where the hamster is) I ran around looking for it and couldn't find it. My family walked in with my uncle and aunt who know me only so-so. Well, of course I ran up and went "IS THE HAMSTER DEAD?!!"; which led to very odd looks, since they were expecting a "hello!"....(the hamster is fine, healthy and happy)

Scott Lynn said...

@Jen - No prob.

@Kathleen - Thank YOU!

@Brandy - LOL at your first story. And yeah, that figures. The second story... that was just MEAN! I guess they thought it would be funny, but still... Dead pet... yeah... not very funny! Still laughing about the first one though! :)

(Thanks for all of your comments, BTW!)