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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the Spectrum #81: Two Brothers (re-posted)

For some reaosn the wise folks over at photobucket decided there was something offensive about my last comic, and the blocked it out.  I'm going to wait for their official explanation as to why - or for the image to be reinstated - before speculating about it here, but I think I've got a pretty shrewd idea what the problem is.

Moonie's naked butt, perhaps?

Funny thing though - even as I was writing this reply, it seems that the image was reinstated in my blog, below, even though it's still red-lined over on their site.

Well whatever, we'll see.  Despite any "terms of use" my edgy, controversial artwork might have violated, they do not have the authority to censor my blog.  So just in case the offending image ends up going in and out intemittently, or if anyone still can't see it, I linked it in again, this time from a different source.  Hopefully this will all work itself out, and I'll just take this second post down.  Shouldn't really be necessary - you know, FREE SPEECH and all.  Hilariously, this is actually the SECOND time I've run afoul of some organization's censoprhip.  Can you believe it?  THIS STUFF?! Seriously?

(The other time involved issue one, which a Michigan-sponsored Mental Health community newsletter had agreed to run, sans the tag at the bottom, only to have their editor axe it at the last minute saying it was 'too controversial.'  Ah, politics.)

Well, whatever. I'll send them an email.  Depending on how amusing their reply is I may post it here.  LOL. We'll see.


Jen said...

I laughed at this, my son is the 'wants clothes on' type, the more the better. Haven't figured out how to work this with the really hot weather coming! Any tips?

Scott Lynn said...

Sorry, but no. Eventually Michael figures out that it's too cold, or Jacob figures out that he's too hot. Surprisingly, when Michael IS dressed he insists on pants. HATES shorts. But after a while of playing outside? Yeah, he'll switch. You just have to let them come to it on there own. At least we do. Eventually they'll some around.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I kept reading--I read a lot of webcomics and I have a habit of only wanting to load one page at a time so I don't have to read them bottom to top, and since the broken image link was not addressed in the post, I figured I should bring it to your attention. I'm glad you resolved the problem, though.