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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Comic delayed due to pink-eye

Ugh.  This is awful!  Michael got it first (presumably brought it home from school), then DW got it and now it's my turn.

BTW... Why on earth do they even give you eye-drops to use on an Autistic Child when there are oral antibiotics you can take instead?  What the heck?  Has anyone else had trouble administering eye-drops to their child? Autistic or otherwise I guess, but come on!  They may as well hand me two sticks and some duct tape and ask me to build an airplane.


Shannon said...

Why indeed? I have a son and daughter OTS and while my son has mostly grown out of that 'fighting the meds' stage, my daughter still goes into active combat mode when approached with an eye dropper.

Seriously. I have scars.

Laura said...

I'm not technically on the spectrum, though it has been suggested multiple times that I have Asperger's. Currently I'm just diagnosed NLD. That aside, I am actually phobic about my eyes being wet at all, and I can't even imagine having to give myself eyedrops, let alone someone else doing it. I certainly don't envy you!
Oh, and hi from Ann Arbor!

Stephanie said...

Alex had eye surgery and eye drops were required to prevent infections that could potentially blind his eyes. Ironic, considering the surgery was also to prevent problems related to potential blindness.

It took three adults. One to hold the squirming body. One to pry open the eye. One to administer the drops. So...pretty much like any other prescription medication.

I do not envy you!

Scott Lynn said...

@Shannon - Wow. I can imagine. Fortunately Michael hasn't reacted QUITE that strongly. And Jacob hasn't needed them, so I don't know for sure... But he'd probably be the worse of the two of them though.

@Laura - It's definitely not a comfortable feeling or experiecne, at it's best. (And Ann Arbor? Great town!)

@Stephanie - Yeesh! And that sounds pretty important too! Unlike with Pink-Eye, where there are alternatives! (Oral medicine.) An extra pair of hand might helped in our case as well. Still... it's doesn't take MUCH movement to make you miss such a small target!


Thanks for eveyone's comments!

mintradz said...

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