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Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the Spectrum #94: Issue #1 / #1 Issue Redux

(click to enlarge & feel free to pass on!)

This is a updated version of issue #1 of "On the Spectrum" because the final push is on, in Michigan anyway, to address one of "On the Spectrum's" #1 issuesAutism Insruance Reform!

As readers in Michigan may already know, autism insurance reform legislation passed the Michigan House last year and for the past several months, the legislation has had seveal hearings before the Michigan State Senate. Compelling testimony has been provided by those who attended, describing the incredible burden placed on families trying to provide treatment for their loved ones on the specturm. In addition, a strong case has been made that the state of Michigan’s economic health and recovery depends on this much needed reform.

What all of my readers in Michigan need to do now is contact Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop's office at (517) 373-2417, ask him to move the Insurance Reform Legislation forward now, and ask at least ten of your friends to do the same! Remember to be courteous when you call, and ask for his leadership on this issue. Let him know that autism insurance coverage means a great deal to your family and is the fiscally responsible thing to do for Michigan. 

There are 23 States down, and 17 to go.  To anyone reading this in one of those 17 States:  If you send me the info on the appropriate State Legislators, I will gladly run this again for your state once the time comes to step up the effort. And,m as always you are more than welcome to download the image above and use it in your own campaigns of mailings, if you wish to.

It's been a long road to get this far in Michigan, but progress is finally being made, both here in my home state and all over the country.  Let's keep up the presure!

For more infomration, go to AustimVotes.org


Kit-Kat said...

I found this last night (Oct. 17, 2010) and read through them all. I was up until 3AM reading all of 09!

Anyway, I love the comics, and thought I'd tell you you do a great job!

Please tell Micheal and Jacob that they are totally EPIC WIN!

Papa Bear said...

When I try to download your flyer, I get this message:

This user account has exceeded their daily bandwidth limit. If this is your account, you might consider upgrading to a premium plan, or reduce the number or size of files you're sharing online. As soon as the total downloads from this account over a 24 hour period drops below the accounts limit, downloads will be restored.

Papa Bear said...

Oh, and comic #1 is a classic. I think it works even better in color.

Scott Lynn said...

Kit-Kat - Thanks so much, I'm glad you like them! And I did go and give both MIchael and Jacob a big hug from you and told them, but I think the "Epic Win" thing was lost on them. LOL

Papa Bear - Between Photobucket, Ripway and user error (mine), there's always something that isn't working right, isn't there? I'll take a look at it, and see if I can't get it on a more reliable host.

And thanks again for your kind words!

Karla said...

This is basically what happened to me. Stupid HMO pieces of crud!

Scott Lynn said...

Michigan's getting close to reforming this but, as usual, government moves at about half the the speed of...

Well... do you know the story of the tortise and the hare?

SHOOT the tortise.

About half THAT speed.