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"It is with the utmost affection for my own children and autistic children everywhere that I share these stories."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the Spectrum #98: A Subtle Difference

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Sorry it's just a 2-panel one this week.  I didn't update last week as I'd originally planned and we had a family outing planned today as well, so I was still short on time.  In any case I didn't want to miss yet another week, especialy with Christamas coming up (which will also mean a missed update or two) so here you go!

To make up for it, here's something that I haven't shared before: Pictures of the kids!  These are from out trip to DC over the Thanksgiving holiday - the reason that two of the last three updates were missed. (Last week I was just being lazy!)

Here's Michael in front of the Capitol Building:

Here's one of Jacob, in the Air and Space Museam, in front of the plane he tried to touch last year, as depicted in #88:

Just around the corner from where we were standing is the opening in the fence that he went into the exhibit though.  (Which is how we were able to be sure that this was in fact the correct plane! LOL)

And yeah, fair enough, I didn't draw the plane quite right, or the fence.  But hey: I was going from memory!  One thing to add, in addition to the fact that the opening is still there...

It's a CANVAS plane.  Fairly delicate, I'd wager, as least as compared to pretty much any of their other exhibits, which are typically constructed from either Aluminum or Steel.

Anyway, I hope this make up for just getting a 2-panel after three weeks without an update. 

See you next week!


Papa Bear said...

Glad to hear all is well. The difference between M&Ms and Skittles: M&Ms have one flavor, and it's good, while Skittles have six flavors, all nasty. Touch of the Spectrum? You decide. Cute kids!

lebelinoz said...

Cute! And your drawings look just like them: you've captured their essence on paper.

rainbowmummy said...

Hi :) New reader, found your blog and read the whole thing. Was so happy to find some comic relief. It's completlty wonderful, so happy I found it! Your boys, so very adorable. Love Love LOVE your blog!

ps I'm a sorter too, blog name is Organizing the Jelly Beans....

Another ps Would buy blog if blog were buyable (aka book ;) )

Papa Bear said...

Hey, I just gave you an award! Come on over to my blog to claim it!

Scott Lynn said...

@Papa - Glad to hear you missed me! I respectfully disagree with your position on Skittles (as do both Michael and Jacob!) but everyone I repeated your post to good a good laugh from it, whether they agreed with it or not. So: Bravo!

@Lebelinoz - Thanks. I appreciate your kind words, but I definitely can't take all of the credit for it. While I do draw the strip myself, the original concept sketches were done for me buy an incredibly talented artist I met online named Wendy Greene. And about the only thing I've changed from her skecthes was to dumb them down to the point where I could almost draw them. I've considered posting them here on several occasions (deciding not to only because they kind of make my work look bad!) But I may yet. If you're interested, they're still up on my old myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/on_the_spectrum. (under Photos, Characters) She really managed to capture the look I was going for, and my original character sketches were god-awful, so without her help I definitely coudln't have gotten this off the ground looking anywhere near the way I wanted it too.

@Rainbowmummy - Thank you! And Welcome! I'll have to come by and check out your blog!

@Papa (2) - Thanks, I'll be right over!

W. Huber said...

Heh, I used to do that when I was a kid. I pretended that each of the colors were different foods (though not that they were different real foods!) and they could not touch... I have so many "autistic" traits that I often think of myself as being an aspie with a "thing" for understanding people...!

And I'm a psych major...

Scott Lynn said...

@W.Huber - "an aspie with a thing for understanding people." That's a really sentiment. Seriously. And thank for all of your comments, BTW! (I really should have been checking in more often!) (Sorry!)