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"It is with the utmost affection for my own children and autistic children everywhere that I share these stories."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanks, Papa!

Well... Looks as though I can't sign off for the year (or even the evening) just yet...

Papa Bear has nominated OTS for a "Stylish Blogger Award." (Now proudly added on the Right.)  I would like to extend my sincere thanks, as well as execute my duties as a recipient.

In accordance with the rules, one must state seven things about themselves, and then nominate three other blogs for the award. So here goes:

1) I write a comic strip about my two sons, who have autsim. XP
2) I have a love of baseball that borders on mental illness. (Go Red Sox!)
3) My favorite filmmaker is Akira Kurosawa, though admittedly this is a very recent development. (And I'm close to being torn between him and Masaki Kobayashi.)
4) I have a Border Collie-Cattle Dog mix named Haley who didn't make it into the strip for almost two years.
5) I'm an engineer. (Which some people seem to think might explain a thing or two...)
6) I don't watch televison, but couldn't live without movies and anime. (And, of course, the occasional baseball game!)
7) I'm much older, balder and fatter than the "Dad" character who's drawn here!

And for the blogs I would like to nominate:

1) Kicking Kittens

Autismherd, has already been picked, in the exact same post as OTS was as a matter of fact, but I want to strongly "second" that well deserved nomination by nominating Kathleen's other Blog. (The one with the deliciously evil name!)  It's probably worth mentioning that Autsimherd was the first blog that started syndicating this one, AND that she put me in touch with the good folks over at Autisable, so I owe her for a lot publicity. But personal gratitude aside, Kathleen is a really cool blogger and both her personal blog ('herd) and her compilation blog ('kittens) are totally worth checking out.  (And I agree 110% with PapaBear: I can't imagine having four kids, let alone three on the Spectrum.  So, yeah: She deserves an award...  So here's a second one!)

2) Squidilicious

Was is it with these awesome names?  I can't believe I actually thought "On the Spectrum" was somehow clever at one point!  And what adorable kids!  If it weren't for my Michael and Jacob, I could SO see those two in a comic strip!  The love and affection in that family really comes through in their blog in a way that I can only hope ours does in mine.

3) A Life Less Ordinary

I hate to admit it, but I'm usually not a huge fan of reading people's personal blogs.  And that's rather a bit hypcritical, seeing as how I want people to read mine! LOL. But sometimes I read people's anecdotes and take on things and think, "They just... get it." (And surprisingly, NO, that doesn't happen just because someone else happns to have autism in their life!)  This is one of those blogs.

So congratulations!  Make sure to keep the chain going, or I'm sure something terrible will happen! LOL


Anonymous said...

You're nominating a site that sees animal abuse as amusing? How can you suggest someone so ignorant as to suggest kicking kittens is funny? Would you have reccomended them if their site were titled "Beating Babies, because someone has to."?

Kittens are baby animals, why is their defenselessness less respected then that of a human baby? Maybe you should consider how supporting a site that mocks animal abuse as a triviality makes you appear.

Scott Lynn said...

Your feeligns toward animals and their humane treatment are well noted... which is exactly why the site is called that: It's something that GETS that reaction... Which is what the author was comparing to something ELSE she once said (autism related) that got the SAME reaction. I believe her exact words, in repsonse to the reaction she recieved, were: "I might as well have said I was Kicking Kittens."

CONTEXT is kind of important here, you see.

It's a good blog, and it's purpose isn't too different this one's. (Make people smile, despite the fact that SOME PEOPLE seem to think that finding a little humor in a life with Autsim is like KICKING KITTENS.)

(Get it?)

If not, you should check it out, and do a little research before you judge. Not that it matters to me: It ain't MY blog! But no one is advocating cruelty to animals here. (Or there.)

(And if it were called "Beating Babies" the point would have been much the same, expect it would less sense, since it's a blog featuring amusing stroies about children. That and... I think kittens were chosen because the act seemed WORSE, LESS acceptable not MORE. And you know what? I'd STILL have nominated it: Kathleen rox.)

Anyway, we're all free to disagree, but you really should check it out all the same. And in the future, when you feel this strongly about something, you really should take it up with the blog's author, as opposed to thier fans. At least I hope someone would do that for me, if they saw anything here (of mine) that they reacted that strongly and negatively to. Whether I agreed with them or not, I'd still want to know about it.

In any case, thanks for your comment. It's always good to hear form people, even if you don't like what they have to say. have a happy holiday, take of yoursef, your family and all of God's creatures. Cheers.

KWombles said...


Kathleen's Kicking Kittens absolutely deserves recognition. When she first started it last year, we hadn't run across any group blogs that routinely posted positive stories about our children. And the reactions we'd get when sharing humorous stories is exactly the way Kathleen put it, hence the name.

We're thrilled that this is no longer quite the same; thanks to the Autism Blogs Directory, we have over 400 blogs by individuals on the spectrum and family members, as well as professionals. We have other disabilities represented as well. Positive stories abound, as does support for the more difficult times we all experience. :-)

Squid and Emily's blogs are also tremendous assets to the blogging community and I awarded them the stylish blogger award, along with Liz and Jenny Alice and their collective TPGA, last night.

kathleen said...

Oh wow! Thanks so much..both for the lovely compliments in your post-and your defense of(heehee) KICKING KITTENS! I hope I have helped to get lots of people to your site..:) I love your comic. I think we ought to post another at kittens-can I? There is one I read a while back-that really made me laugh (they all do-but this one cracked me up) It was the "You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat one..can I use it?

Scott Lynn said...

@KWombles - I couldn't agree more!

@Kathleen - Absolutely. Use whatever you want, anytime!

Anonymous said...

So being offensive is okay, because it's done in the spirit of humor towards Autism? I think Kathleen has some growing up to do.

You think she chose it because kittens were less acceptable as targets of violence. How far do you think Kathleen would've gotten if her site had a title that appeared to be championing child abuse? Would "Autism is like Raping Kids!" have gotten through, would it still be seen as funny because of the context.

They both are advocating violence towards the defenseless. I apologize for using such graphic language, but it appears that's what it will take for you to realize abuse towards children or animals is no laughing matter. Let me know when Kathleen puts on her big girl panties, and realizes how insensitive and selfish her choice of blog title was. This is the kind of nonsense I'd expect of a teenage boy, not an adult woman who should know better.

kathleen said...

Hello Violet-Your comments make it obvious that you have not bothered to even look at the blog. I suggest that if you would like to hold "adult" conversation, you refrain from lashing out at Scott and come and address your issues on the blog properly. It is apparent that you still do not "understand" the intent of it. As Scott so aptly put it-if you take issue with something having to do with me-please address me on my own blogspace. Either one is fine. Although just to reassure you-"Autismherd" in no way denigrates any type of herd animal-just as "Kickingkittens" does not condone violence towards kittens.
Scott-once again, thanks so much. I will not comment on this again over here. Although I am sure someone else will..

Scott Lynn said...

@VioletYoshi (and everyone else):

I typed up a good half page response to this - the kind of thing that shows what happens when you take on a humorist - but seriously? It isn't worth it.

This topic (the PC judgement of a certain blog title) is offically closed, due to it's utter absurdity. Please do not waste anyone's time (or your own) posting additional replies, as they will be deleted. If anyone has anything to say to VioletYoshi, I'm sure there's some contact info somewhere in her profile.

Sorry to have to do that, but there is no reason for me to let anyone in here just to pick a fight. Don't take it personally if you're "just backing me up." It's over, and ALL COMMENTS to that effect will be deleted. If anyone would like to e-mail me, I'm not shy: It's in my profile. And that's always welcome.

Again, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

jazzygal said...

Well done on your award! Well deserved and also well done on choosing your nominees. Kathleen deserves multiple nominations!!

xx Jazzy

Casdok said...


Scott Lynn said...

@jazzygal & Casdok - Thank you both.

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see more of the comics or even hear more stories about your boys! I am so glad I am not the only one who seems some humor here. After all, my son finds me HILARIOUS so why can't I giggle with him too?

Scott Lynn said...


Thanks so much. And BTW, I take pride in telling people that Michael (with Jacob, to a lesser extent) WRITES the comc, and I merely DRAW it! LOL.

Hey: they're ALL great kids, right? Why shouldn't we smile at the occasioanlly? :)