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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Michael riding his bike for the first time!

Michael (of "On the Spectrum" fame) is now 11 years old.  Until today, he had made absolutely no progress learning how to ride his bike.  A month ago (for his birthday) he got a "kick-scooter" and really took to it.  It was lot easier for him to figure out the side-to-side balancing, since he had one foot on the ground a lot of the time anyway.  Within a couple days he was gliding along with no problem at all on his scooter, and today we tried the bike again and he was going completely on his own in no time.

Obviously this may not be for everyone, but if your child is having trouble learning how to ride his or her bike, you might want to try a kick-scooter as an intermediate step. They're about $30-$40 at Target and Wal-Mart, and I'm sure you can find them in other stores as well.

A word of warning: While they are fairly easy to balance side-to-side, they are a LOT more UNstable (than a bike) back-and-forth. So wear a helmet, use caution and practice.  I take no responsibility for anyone getting hurt following this tip!

Happy riding!

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Papa Bear said...

Hooray! Could you post a picture of the scooter, so we know what kind you mean?