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Sunday, October 7, 2012

More riding...

Papa Bear suggested that I put upa picture of the "kick-scooter" I was refering to in the previous post.  This is what I'm talking about:

And in other news...

Bikes last week, HORSES this week!  Here's Michael going for a trot on 'Penny,' his speech therapist's horse:

And here's Jacob:

Good times.

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Papa Bear said...

Yes. We used one of these, and it helped GL improve his balance. He even got to the point where he could balance on a two-wheeler, but only for Grandpa. Unless Grandpa was there, he refused to get on a bike without training wheels. And he leaned on the training wheels really hard. When he got big enough that he started bending them, I priced adult-strength training wheels, but found it cheaper to buy a second-hand adult three-wheeler.

We try to get him to try new things so he will have more options in life. A three-wheeler ended up being the best compromise for him and for us. I would still strongly recommend these scooters for children with balance issues. (Or any kid, really. These scooters are fun!)