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Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the Spectrum #85: Following Directions... EXACTLY

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Well... I didn't say to PUT IT ON upstairs!  It's about a month early for a 'Michael's Birthday' one. In any case, this is from his Birthday Party LAST year. (Boy how time flies!)

BTW... If anyone didn't get what was gonig to happen here, check out #29.  Basically, Michael HATES being wet.  One drop of water on his the cuff of his sleeve and he'll take off ALL his clothes, down to his socks and underwear.  He'd take off his HAT if he'd been wearing one!  And he doens't really care where he is either.  No inhibitions, that one.

Also, that being the case, I'm curious to see if PhotoBucket censors this one like they did the last one that had Moonie's naked back-side in it.  If they do, I'll re-post it ASAP from another host.  (I just realized... We seem to have a LOT of naked butts in this strip!  Yeah... there's a lot of naked in our life. LOL)

And I'm sorry it was so long in between udpates.
One more thing... In case their Mom's or Dad's see this, this marks the first appearance of Michael's friends Caleb and Dylan as well as Caleb's Dad, Mike.  (Hopefully they can figure out which one's are thier kids! LOL)  (And Sorry Ty, Trent, Caden, Nicholas and eveyone else. There's only so much room in one panel and so many people I'm willing to draw in one night!  Maybe next time! LOL)


Lynn said...

This is exactly like my daughter. I was hoping that it was just a phase, but with ours kids you never know. If she gets the slightest tiniest little drop of anything...well you know the drill!

Following you!

Scott Lynn said...


Papa Bear said...

GL used to do this. Now he's gone to the other extreme. His shirt could be entirely covered with peanut butter, (It often is, because he uses his shirt as a napkin) but when I ask him to change it, he asks, "Why?"

Scott Lynn said...

LOL - Be careful what you wish for, I guess! Actually, for us, that's Jacob. He could be covered in mud or soaked to the bone and wouldn't even notice.