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Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Spectrum #29 - All wet!

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There are a few, really striking differences between Michael and Jacob. One of the biggest is there tolerance to being wet. Jacob can play outside, jumping on the trampoline in a driving rain. But if Michael gets a single drop of water him, he'll change all of his clothes, right down to his socks and underwear. What's depicted here is not exagerated in the slightest!

It's just one of Michael's sensory issues. He just HATES the feeling of wetness on his clothing. (So guess which one was easier to potty-train?)

(Full image recycling count up to 5. See OTS #'s 5, 14, 18, & 27. Partial recycling count remains at 3, see OTS #6, 24 & 26. LOL)


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