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Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Spectrum #24 - Have a neat and orderly Xmas!

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Again, I'll never understand how kids who line things up perfectly, just for fun, can have such messy rooms! The two of them have earned the nicknames, "Captain Chaos" and "General Disarray." (Yeah, we're South Park fans, too.)

This is "Grandpa's" first appearance.

(Full image recycling count remains at 4. See OTS #'s 5, 14 & 18. Partial recycling count is up to 2, see OTS #6. LOL)



Brandy said...

LOL, my room is messy yet I will happily straighten up other things. Bookstores love me, I mean to put up the book I was reading and straighten the shelf. (and I learned the Library of Congress's system so I could organize my own books) Yet...finding two matching socks? Nope.

W. Huber said...

I've always wondered, but never had a chance to find out, what would or could happen if someone (young) who was this focused on sorting and the like were to be introduced to Japanese aesthetics or the western aesthetics based on "the rule of thirds".... suddenly, everything found in disarray is turned into perfectly balanced scenes??

Scott Lynn said...

@Brandy - Growing up my room was always a disaster... But my CD's were always alphabetized, and I could find you ANY baseball card in my collection in about 15 seconds. LOL.

@W.Huber - That's an interesting idea. Unfortunately this trait of theirs has gone away, and they're pretty keen to just leave a mess now. :)

Raven Morris said...

There is a misspelling, that should be "Captain Chaos".