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Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Spectrum #27 - Spirited Away

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This one might need some explaining! (To anyone who hasn't seen the movie, anyway!)

I originally posted this in tribute of Hayao Miyazaki's 67th birthday in January, 2009. Miyazaki-san is an amazing animated filmaker from Japan. The images above are from what is often considered his greatest film: Spirited Away. If you've never seen see it, WATCH IT. It's an absolute masterpiece! Truly one of the great, classic films of all time.

In the scene depicted, the main character, Chihiro, is trying to get the witch Ubaba to give her a job. She was warned that Ubaba would initally say, "No," but to keep trying. So Chihiro keeps pestering her, just as Michael is doing to me. (Hence what it reminds me of.) This goes on even to the point where Ubaba uses her magic to zipper Chihiro's mouth shut! But Chirio keeps at it anyway, and eventually the witch relents. (I do not recall, however, if I ended up giving Michael the Coke. LOL. He can be incredibly persistant though!)

This was one of Michael's favorite when I originally put it up. Spirited Away is one of his favorit movies too, and as soon as he saw the strip he immediately said, "DOOOOON'T SAAAAAY THAAAAAT AGAAAAIN!!!" in a passable imitation of the old crone's!

(Full image recycling count up to 4. See OTS #'s 5, 14, & 18. Partial recycling count remains at 3, see OTS #6, 24 & 26. LOL)


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