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Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Spectrum #30 - How to cope with a haircut

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This is actually how we first got through haricuts. Before this, he'd have to sit on my lap for the longest time, and I'd have to hold him while they used the clippers, which he hated, because he wouldn't sit still enough for the scissors. He's fine with it now, and has been for awhile. He still doesn't like it but he can cope. Jacob has just recently gotten to the point where he can sit on his own as well. I still need to stay nearby (like in the next chair) though. With Michael, I no longer need to leave the waiting area.



Karon said...

We used to have that problem with my autistic brother, but when he got to be in his teens, mom and dad would have the boys hair cut like, military short, and now he loves it. I think it's the vibration from the the electric cutter (idk what they're called, lol). He just sits there and grins the whole time.

Scott Lynn said...

LOL! OMG, we SO have the opposite experience there! Michael and Jacob HATE HATE HATE the clippers! The noise, the vibration... They can't stand it! That's actually the bargain Michael makes with the stylist when he first sits down - he'll sit still as long as there's no clippers! LOL

Rob S said...

Oh my GOSH!

I just HAVE to comment on this one. When i was young, i used to get haircuts from my dad. I DID NOT want anyone else to do it. I actually ran away from the barber chair! I crack up thinking about it! The barber came out after me!

I am on the spectrum..i have PDD-NOS. btw.. scott, if your intrested, i have my own blog, ppd-nossocmajor.blogspot.com.. and yes, i know in the address, it should be "PDD" instead of "ppd" but by the time i realized it, it was too late to change the address..

Scott Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Rob! Glad to hear (from your blog) that you're getting close to finishing up! Just one more semester, right? Congratulations!

Rob S said...

Yep, just one more semester!