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Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Spectrum #18 - Truth in Lies

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Well... at least he was... honest? It really amazes me how much trouble Jacob can get into. Especially when he not even in the house!

(Full image recycling count is up to 3. See OTS #'s 14, 5. Partial recycling in OTS #6 also. LOL)



Papa Bear said...

GL also blames his brother when he's not there.
The first time he told a lie, Mama asked, "Are you lying to me?"
He answered, "Yes, but you aren't supposed to know that!"

I'm working my way through the archives, and you may not be Bill Watterson, but I'm recognizing my family in every comic so far.

Scott Lynn said...

Oh yes, any comparison to Waterston would be absolutely blasphemous, but I'm glad you like them! Thanks!